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Professional help from experienced family law attorneys

    • Child Custody, Visitation and/or Child Support: Petitions to Establish/Modify/Respond
    • Terminate child support
    • Establish Paternity
    • Motion for Contempt (for violating Custody, Visitation and/or Child Support Order)
    • Terminate Parental Rights
    • Application to Determine Arrearages (for Child Support)
    • Guardianship- Establish or Terminate
    • Petitions for Temporary Orders
    • Name Change- For family, adult, and minor name changes by court petition
    • Dissolution of Marriage/Divorce
    • Stipulations (Agreements resolving issues in various legal matters, such as temporary orders for child custody, child support & visitation, or post judgment modification requests, etc.)
    • ... much, much more!

    Some of the Benefits You Receive:

    • Legal document preparation by an experienced family law attorney.
    • Professional legal support from our attorneys, paralegal and legal support staff.
    • Court preparation consultation with an experienced attorney.
    • A copy of our new family law eBook, 10 Easy Ways to Win Your Custody & Support Case and Save Money!
    • Affordable, effective legal help from experienced family law professionals.
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