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Father's rights help includes:  establishing paternity, establishing child custody and visitation, modifying custody or child support, enforcing a court order, etc.
  • No Attorney Retainer Fees
  • Fathers Help for Custody, Support & Visitation.
  • Fathers advocacy
Join the thousands of fathers that have successfully won or defended their child custody and child support cases without having to spend thousands of dollars in legal fees! 

Get affordable attorney help and find out how fathers can get custody of a child, how  fathers can change child support. and other fathers rights issues.

Many fathers either don't have custody of their children or they have a joint custody arrangement but don't get to see their child(ren) as frequently as they should.  Issues surrounding child support, visitation rights, joint custody and child safety are common among most single fathers. 
Below are some of the many common issues that need to be addressed by fathers in which The Attorney Connection can help:

  • Fathers rights
  • Paternity
  • Fathers custody
  • Custody of child
  • Full custody
  • Visitation rights
  • Father child support
  • Termination of child support
  • Termination of parental rights
  • Child Support help for fathers

Avoid High Legal Fees | Low Flat Fee
Fortunately, with the help of The Attorney Connection, asserting one's fathers rights to paternity, child custody, visitation and child support is easier & more affordable than ever.  Now, fathers can firmly establish their rights in court without the high cost of an attorney, and still get the professional expertise and help from attorneys.

Some of the Benefits You Receive:

  • Legal document preparation by an experienced family law attorney.
  • Professional legal support from our attorneys, paralegal and legal support staff.
  • Court preparation consultation with an experienced attorney.
  • A copy of our new family law eBook, 10 Easy Ways to Win Your Custody & Support Case and Save Money!
  • Affordable, effective legal help from experienced family law professionals.

Father's Rights

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