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Traditionally, individual states have regulated family law matters, such as divorce, child support or child custody. Over the past two decades, however, there has been a trend for states to adopt uniform laws governing child custody and child support to reduce the amount of variance from state to state.  Because the law can vary regarding child custody and child support guidelines, a child support law group is a good resource to have so that you comply with the specific laws of your state.

The Attorney Connection consists of Child Support - Custody attorneys who work with parents - custodial and noncustodial - and guardians to ensure children and families receive or pay court-ordered financial and medical support that is fair and reasonable given their particular circumstances. Affordable and effective child support help is available to the general public thanks to the services provided by The Attorney Connection. Establish or change Child Support today!

How are child support guidelines set?

The starting point for determining child support usually is the state’s guideline or a formula that considers the income of the parents, the number of children, and typically some other factors. The formulas are based on studies of how much families ordinarily spend for raising children in a particular state. Courts insert the numbers into the formula and arrive at an amount of support that should be paid for the child or children.

The amount of money a parent will have to pay in child support varies from state to state because each state has its own guidelines and judges have some discretion to depart from guidelines.

Generally, there are two types of child support guidelines. One type is based on the income of the person who is supposed to pay child support and the number of children. The other type of guideline is based on the income of both parents and number of children. This second type of guideline often is referred to as the income shares model.

Parents can argue that because of special circumstances, a court should order more or less support than the guideline amount. In some states, support orders are automatically reviewed every few years to make sure payments are consistent with current income and the support guidelines.  Also, child support orders can be reviewed and modified if there are any substantial changes in circumstances relevant to the support factors.

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