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The Attorney Connection consists of a group of independent contractor attorneys.  We will not assist any person who resides in a state in which we do not have an independent contractor attorney, licensed in that particular jurisdiction.  All legal work is prepared by a licensed attorney, at your specific direction.  The Attorney Connection provides access to independent attorneys and self-help services at your specific direction.  We are not a law firm or a substitute for an attorney or law firm.  We cannot provide any kind of advice, legal opinions, or recommendations about possible legal rights, remedies, defenses, options, selection of forms or strategies..

Below is a list of some of our independent contractor attorneys, along with the state(s) in which they are licensed to practice law.  This list is not necessarily all inclusive and is subject to change.  In order to improve our efficiency, please always direct all communications through the following: or (877) 805-6053 ext. 2.

Alabama- Chad Milam
Alaska- Amy Newman
Arizona- Whitney Miller
Arkansas- Jennifer Flinn
California- Bradley Sparks, Dean Ferraro
Colorado- Susan Eisman
Connecticut- Stephanie Tymula, Melissa Rua
Delaware- Amy Brown
Florida- Joshua Rhea
Georgia- Jonathan Hilbun, Melanie Webre
Hawaii- Eric Sievers
Idaho- Peter Cook
Illinois- Carrie Culton, Jonathan Hilbun
Indiana-  Dominique Price
Iowa- Christian Williams
Kansas- Christopher Ray
Kentucky- Dori Thompson,Carrie Ritsert
Louisiana- Rust Messer
Maine- Brian Condon
Maryland- Christina Marlow
Massachusetts- Stephanie Tymula, Lauren Bell
Michigan- Jamie O'Brien, Lea Williams
Minnesota- Ahmed Bachelani
Mississippi- Jonathan Hilbun
Missouri- Freida Jones
Montana- Holly Priscu
Nebraska- Christian Williams
Nevada- Terry Holzer
New Hampshire- Kati Amarantes, Stephanie Tymula
New Jersey- Andrew Carroll
New Mexico- Renee Barela-Gutierrez
New York- Tara Trammell
North Dakota- Mia King
Ohio- William Creighton, Ira Richadson
Oklahoma- Harold Thompson
Oregon- Jessica Molligan
Pennsylvania- Ira Richardson, Andrew Carroll
Rhode Island-
South Carolina- Anna Good
South Dakota- Tiffani Landeen
Tennessee- Jonathan Hilbun
Texas- Christine Hortick, Elaine Najera
Utah- Troy Jensen
Vermont- Stephanie Tymula
Virginia- Brian O'Laughlin
Washington- Whitney Miller
West Virginia- Ira Richardson
Wisconsin- Greg Ryan
Wyoming- Cheryl Brome

Family Law Solutions.

Handling legal matters on your own, without any legal counsel, is not easy.  Getting the proper help from legal professionals is invaluable towards being successful. 

Our nationwide group of attorneys have valuable experience practicing various areas of family law, including paternity, child custody, visitation and child support.

We strive to provide affordable and effective legal help to those who cannot afford, or do not want to spend, the thousands of dollars it costs to retain an attorney for most family law legal issues. Find out how we can help you resolve your family law issue today!

Experienced attorneys.
We have a network of experienced family law attorneys, with a goal to provide affordable and effective professional legal help.  With the help of these independent contractor attorneys, affordable help is a realistic option.*

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